Born from an inspiration of Google's image search results PhotoWall.js was created. I wanted to create an open sourced photo gallery for websites with a difference. PhotoWall.js allows photos to be tiled on a webpage with the functionality of providing additional information on selection.

To allow customisation there's an inbuilt API to allow web developers to link photos together; creating the ability to create a slideshow. The plugin works in all major browsers and across any device size responsively. Click here to see a demo, read the documentation and download the plugin.

MooTools Plugins

FitVids.js — I rewrote this popular jQuery plugin so that I could use it in a project built around MooTools. It's a simple script which renders embeded videos in a responsive way so that they display nicely on any sized device.

TimeUtil.js — there are many implementations out there for date and time pickers, including the HTML5 default functionality, but very few that are solely based on time. This simple plugin creates a very usable time picker with a simple design. You can define the formatting of the input values as well as callback functions.


St. Nic's Church, Nottingham

St. Nic's Church needed a new website to make themselves more accessible to visitors and particularly new students to the city universities. I worked closely with the Operations Manager to design the new look and got to work and creating a clean, attractive mobile friendly website in WordPress. Once the groundwork was laid the Church leadership enlisted the help of web design company Volute to take over the project since it was already growing beyond the time scales that I was able to work on the project. For me it was a great opportunity to help design and lay the foundations for the website of a Church for which I care about.

Oliver Gillespie

Oliver C. Gillespie is a writer, musician and evangelist. He studied English and Creative Writing at the University of Nottingham and wanted a portfolio website to showcase his material. When designing the website Oliver wanted it to be as clean as possible with a style that clearly shows his character and passions. One of my favourite parts of the site is an archive for his poetry project "Facets: 100 Names, One God" which I thoroughly recommend reading! It was fantastic to work with a friend who had such a clear vision and determination to showcase the best of his work in the best possible way.

Jeremy Paul is a generous and talented web designer. I came to him with an idea for a website: a portfolio of creative work. I was particular about how I wanted this website to look and function, and he listened carefully. He had the skill and selflessness to follow my vision, and keep the website as much my creation as his. He even explained the inner workings of coding; this allowed me to peer into the hidden world of my own website and better understand what I was asking of him.

Jeremy gave me regular updates as the project developed and always made time to answer my questions. He contributed ideas of his own, and navigated any problems with patience and humour. His expertise and character made the experience effortless and even fun. The end result is a beautiful, intuitive website, which is beyond what I could have achieved, or even dreamed, without his efforts. For a website or app that looks good, works well, and fulfils the hopes of the customer, I would recommend Jeremy Paul every time.

Oliver C. Gillespie

Rachel McClean Music

Rachel McClean is a musician local to Nottingham. Her music is so unique and eclectic; with both powerful and funny lyrics on top of great tunes. She needed a website for her fans to sign up to mailing lists, listen to her latest tunes, see photos from her gigs and to follow her news. She wanted the site to match her music style, eye-catching and artsy. All of the artwork on the site was produced by her fans and so the site is truly personal to both Rachel and her fan base.

Jeremy is not only a good friend of mine, but he’s also the designer and creator of my website – go check it out for a great example of his work. I had only the most basic ideas of what kind of thing I wanted but Jeremy helped focus my vision and turned it into a reality. He gave me enough options for the website to be truly mine, but not so many that the choice was overwhelmingly impossible. He guided me through the process of figuring out what was possible and what would work which, as a sometime indecisive person, I found very useful and encouraging.

The whole process was pretty smooth from my perspective. Once Jeremy fully understood what I was looking for, he went away and starting building the site, occasionally messaging me for confirmation on choices he was making, referring me to colour palettes and fonts, etc. Once he’d finished, we sat down together and went through it, Jeremy asking if I could see anything I wanted to change and then showing me how to use my site. I can wholeheartedly say I recommend using his services!

Rachel McClean